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"Our mission is to fight childhood obesity by providing children with a healthy facility, trainers, mentors, and nutritionists, where they can start a new, Healthy Lifestyle"


We want to change children


TigerZone was established in 2007 to fight against obesity in american children. We are a non- profit organization that wants to change lives.

Those who are overweight or obese are at a higher risk for health problems. Cardiovascular disease, breathing problems, diabetes, fatty liver disease, gallbladder disease, gynecological problems, blood clots, high cholesterol, High blood pressure and death.

Obesity is often a result of a calorie imbalance, meaning that more calories are being consumed than expended during exercise or physical activity. Healthy lifestyle habits, such as choosing whats right to eatt and being active can lower the risk of obesity. Many Americans are physically inactive and that  combines with eating high calorie foods, (I.e. fast food, microwave dinners) leads to significant health problems.


 Leanne Clarke

Growing up, Leanne always had high aspirations for helping others. Leanne has participated in many extra – curricular activities. She played the flute in marching band and concert band. She volunteers at the library, works with the physically challenged, and tutors Spanish children.

 Before graduating from Fayette County High School, Leanne was on the honor roll, the principal’s list, the President of AMIGOS, Vice-President of the Spanish Club, and team captain of her Varsity soccer team. With most of her time being preoccupied with school and her many activities; Leanne always finds time for her love of sports, especially soccer. She refs, coaches, and plays game. Leanne attends Clayton State University with the intention of becoming a Sports Physician while also playing for the University’s Varsity soccer team.


Amanda Clarke

Growing up, has always followed in her big sisters footsteps. Amanda has also participated in many extra-curricular activities. She played the clarinet in the concert band, was a member of the choral group, participated in dance and modeling, and won many pageants. She volunteers at the library, participated in the Kiwanis Club, and is a peer mediator for children at her school.

Throughout elementary and middle school, Amanda is on the honor roll and President of her team grade every year. With most of her time being preoccupied with school, chores, helping her mom, and her activities; Amanda also always finds time for her love of sports, especially track. She runs for her school Fayette County Middle School and coaches younger children on the local recreation team. Amanda will also be attending Quad City; an AAU track team to have more practice in the sport. Amanda will love to follow in her sisters footsteps with the intention of majoring in the medical field after graduating from high school.


Leanne and Amanda

Together, the two have put their sibling rivalries away and joined forces to start this non-profit organization. With each other having separate ideas on helping other, they will provide a great foundation of this organization.